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Our Core Values—The Critical Difference for Candidates

Even though our clients are paying our fees, we are very much an advocate for you too. Our primary interest is keeping long-term happy clients. If we were to place you in a position that was not a good fit for you, the candidate, it would create difficulties for our client down the road, undermining our relationship with them. In addition to our unshakeable commitment to the golden rule, treating you right is one of our most powerful tools for keeping our clients happy.

Here is our promise to you:

  • We will not to send your resume to any employer or discuss you by name without your permission.
  • If we believe you are a good fit for one of our opportunities, we will help you prepare for phone screenings or interviews by:
    • Contacting you as soon as practical when we present you to a client to give you ample preparation time.
    • Providing you any useful client feedback as soon as practical to help you prepare for a phone screening or interview.
    • Providing detailed information about the opportunity and client to help you to better present your skills, benefits, and achievements to our clients.
  • We will provide you post-interview feedback from our client as soon as practical, whether or not the client wants to move ahead with the hiring process.

Candidate Services 

Engineering Management

"Our extensive industry-specific experience gives you that critical competitive edge. We take the time to learn about your company, accentuate its strengths, and minimize any weaknesses."


Your decision to change careers can affect every dimension of your life. That is why our recruiters spend time getting to know you, your needs, and your goals. Because our recruiters are specialists who often have extensive work experience within their focus areas, we can help you connect with the leading companies in your industry.  View our current openings.

Placement Fees

All fees are paid by the employer. There is no fee to you.

Career Planning Services

  • Career Counseling: We offer the assistance to help you maximize your career potential. We can provide insight into industry and employer trends. We know a great deal about factors influencing both happy and miserable employees. We are happy to provide our experienced eyes to your situation.
  • Resume Tips and Writing Services: Create a winning resume—what to put in, what to leave out. We can advise you on your existing resume. We also have  resume services available through one of our resume writing partners if you choose employ a professional to ensure that you have the best resume possible.
  • Interviewing: We can provide assistance in preparing for the interview. We can give you insight into what questions you might be asked and how to respond to them. We often have direct experience with the individuals who will interview you.
  • Counter-Offers: We can advise you on how to handle counteroffers, maximizing your side of the win-win without jeopardizing the negotiation.
  • Resignation: Resigning gracefully without burning any bridges can be tricky. We can provide tips to help you leave on good terms with your current employer.

Resume Writing Services 

A well-written resume is critical to connecting positively with employers and getting selected for a job interview. A professional looking resume says you are a professional. Ironically, most engineers and technical professionals are not qualified to judge or write their own resume. You are most likely not a professional writer, and you probably do not spend your days vetting resumes, so you do not know what jumps out from the pile—both negatively and positively. In addition, the best resumes are often written for specific industry segments, speaking directly to those employers' needs. Resume needs also vary by job. Executive-level positions usually require a higher-quality resume.

Having said that, when working on an active opportunity, there is usually not enough time to completely rewrite your resume. If your existing resume is basically solid with a few hiccups, our recruiters will make suggestions for you to tune it up. If you are a strong candidate with a weak resume, we offer top-notch third-party resume writing services that can provide you a resume that is in line with your talents. In such a case, we will present you future opportunities once your resume is complete. In rare circumstances, with slow moving clients, we may even have you get yours rewritten for a specific opportunity. Please contact us for more information.

Submit Your Resume 

Important: We are a small firm with limited resources, so we cannot reply to all applicants. We will contact you if we believe you are a good match for our current or future opportunities.

Getting started with us is as simple as  emailing your resume.

Do-It-Yourself Tools 

Knowledge is power, and career changes are no exception. You may find the following tools helpful:


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