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We are all about making long-lasting placements and building long-term relationships with both clients and candidates. Making everybody happy is not only possible—it is a requirement for ongoing success.

Our Core Values—The Critical Difference for Employers


Quality is the primary difference with White Rhino Recruiting. In a recruiting context, our emphasis on quality ultimately results in our respecting and saving you valuable time. So, what exactly do we mean by “quality”? First and foremost it means following the golden rule with regard to both employers and candidates. It means doing everything possible to keep both parties informed throughout the process. It means an unshakeable commitment to improving our methods and processes—with 15 years' experience, we are still learning ways to improve ourselves. And finally, it means never taking the shortest route to a buck if it compromises our commitment to quality or long term business relationships.

Note: For details on how we implement our quality commitment, please see our  Employer Services section.


Many recruiters fail to realize that trust is critical to the recruiting process. With a priority or retained search model, it is imperative that we assure our candidates of complete confidentiality to attract the best talent. Top candidates are often employed during the hiring process and do not want to jeopardize their current employment. Similarly, employers often do not want their recruiting activities broadcasted to their competition. Confidentiality is one of the pillars of building trust with both candidates and employers.

White Rhino Candidate

With top-tier candidates, industry demand outstrips supply.

The White Rhino Candidate 

In recruiting, white rhinos are ideal candidates with uncommon skills, ambition, and a solid string of achievements. They are rarely active job seekers, and when they are, savvy employers quickly snatch them up. Finding white rhinos is difficult at best, seemingly impossible at worst. And finding them is just the beginning—once found, they must be landed. Highly desirable candidates often already have solid employment or are being wooed by multiple companies at once, so your opportunity must standout and engage the prospect. Our extensive industry-specific experience gives you a critical competitive edge.

These candidates often require extraordinary effort and knowledge on the part of the recruiter because:

  • Intense competition for talent: Hard-to-find candidates are rarely active job seekers for any length of time, so job boards often are not much help. Savvy employers quickly snatch them up. The competition for them is fierce, and job seekers are often being wooed by multiple companies at once.
  • Simply having a position available is rarely enough: Because desirable candidates often have several companies to choose from, your opportunity must standout and engage them. Knowledge of the particulars of the job and how they relate to your industry as a whole becomes vitally important. Our extensive industry-specific experience gives you that critical competitive edge. We take the time to learn about your company, accentuate its strengths, and minimize any weaknesses.
  • To entice them, you must know them: You must have a solid understanding of candidates and their motivations to effectively recruit them. We spend extensive time learning about each candidate's needs and situation. We build rapport with and advocate for them as well as you. They come to know that we will not push a bad fit on them in the interest of making a quick dollar. We are all about making long-lasting placements and building long-term relationships with both clients and candidates. Making everybody happy is not only possible—it is a requirement for ongoing success.
  • You might be getting in your own way: Your recruitment process itself might hinder your competitiveness. We can help you streamline your system to encourage recruiting success. We can also aid you in matching your requirements and offerings with the realities of the current employment market for your industry.

Employer Services 


White Rhino Recruiting is a leading provider of full-service recruitment and consulting solutions for a broad range of companies throughout the U.S. and internationally. Before choosing a recruiting firm, it is extremely important that you are comfortable with and understand its search and selection process. We strive to develop quality, lasting relationships with our clients by continually providing the best possible service and attention to detail. Most of our business is through referrals from both candidates and companies.

Search and Selection Process

  • Assessment: We begin the recruitment process with an assessment of your company to get a complete understanding of your corporate culture, business objectives, industry profile, key competitors, and short- and long-term recruitment strategy.
  • Follow-up: Throughout all phases of the process, your recruiter will keep you informed of how matters are progressing, including specific previously identified goals.
  • Hiring practices review and suggestions: We review your hiring process from start to finish. This includes interviewing styles, your offer process, onboarding practices, and training for new hires. If we see something that in our experience could use some fine tuning, we will make suggestions to help you improve your successes in recruiting and retaining top talent.
  • Presentation of search models: White Rhino will prepare a proposal that outlines the best search model for your company based on whether you have a single position or multiple positions to fill within your organization.
  • Technology: If your recruiting firm relies exclusively on the Internet or an outdated database, it is probable that you will not secure the best talent available.

Engineer Meeting

We have a proven record of delivering top engineering talent.

Recruitment Process and Methods

Our primary goal is to manage the process for our clients to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that can cause problems, reducing the likelihood of acquiring the top notch talent your company desires. The Top 10% of the talent pool must be deftly handled and sold on your opportunity. We also counsel clients on streamlining their recruiting process and negotiating the best possible deal while keeping the candidate feeling empowered and excited about the opportunity. To that end, we endeavor to thoroughly understand our clients' staffing objectives and profile the skills and background required for a position. We then discreetly identify, evaluate, and recommend candidates that are best suited to your needs.

Our processes and methodologies are very detailed, proven to work, and are focused in the following areas:

  • Assessing client needs and putting together a strategic recruiting plan
  • Conducting a comprehensive search using internal databases, extensive industry contacts, and the Internet
  • Debriefing candidates and hiring managers
  • Evaluating your screening and qualification processes and interviewing approach
  • Facilitating interview scheduling and planning
  • Following up with clients and new hires to identify best practices and weaknesses
  • Managing background checks (when applicable) and providing professional references
  • Preparing offers and closing the candidate
  • Researching the candidate pool
  • Understanding the position, candidate profile, and compatibility based on corporate culture and previous hiring successes

Search Models and Services

To provide you with the highest level of service, we are selective—We only work with a few companies at a time. This allows us to become thoroughly familiar with your company, people, product, work environment and expectations. White Rhino Recruiting has several different search models that are flexible to meet your recruiting needs. Our search models and service models include:

  • Retained Search—This model offers your company candidate exclusivity, time and performance metrics and a 180-day replacement guarantee. This level of search is recommended for confidential or replacement candidate searches as well as positions with the highest level of urgency. An upfront deposit of at least 30% of estimated fee is required to start this type of search.
  • Priority Search—Also offers candidate exclusivity, time and performance metrics and a 90-day replacement guarantee. This level of search is recommended for positions that have a high sense of urgency and require a smaller upfront deposit.
  • Exclusive Contingency Search—Does not offer candidate exclusivity and offers a 60-day replacement guarantee.
  • RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)—Our firm can handle multiple positions with flexible terms and conditions for projects that require 10 or more candidates.
  • Consulting Projects—Hourly or flat rate consulting fees with flexible terms and conditions.

The Siren's Song of Discount Recruiting 

Engineering Help

Discount or volume recruiters are often ill-equipped for finding specialized top performers.

The cost savings of non-exclusive discount recruiting can appear very attractive. Why pay more when somebody will do it for less? The more recruiters involved, the greater your likelihood of finding a candidate—right? Initially, both approaches seem like no-brainers to employers, and for common, easily placed candidates they often are; however, for hard-to-locate candidates with specialized skills, choosing a discount or volume recruiter could seriously undermine your search for top talent. Budget recruiters, especially those who compete with others on the same position, usually have strong motivators that might conflict with your goals.

Hunting elusive talent is very time consuming. Highly desirable candidates are rarely active job seekers for any length of time, so job boards often are not much help, and employer competition is fierce. Research and industry contacts are typically how candidates are found. Discount recruiters tend to be less experienced and generalized, so they usually depend on providing the easy-to-find candidates first.

With top talent, not knowing your industry inside and out is a serious hindrance to locating and selling candidates. Would you trust employment recommendations from somebody who does not fully understand what you do for a living or what your working environment is like? Budget recruiters know this, which is one reason they compete on price—they have few other options. Devoting the time to develop leads or gaining narrow industry expertise to find specialized, rare talent is simply not in their interest. The more difficult or lengthy a search is, the less likely they are to make money.